The fellow we purchased our computer equipment from was last reported to be residing in some far away galaxy. Subsequently, we paid thousands of dollars on a series of “IT Experts” who might fix one problem, but in the process of doing so, they created a bunch of new problems. Even worse than the squandered dollars, we have lost thousands of hours in this “Black Hole”.

You can get money back; time lost, is gone forever.

Perhaps Carol and I are the only franchisee that has experienced computer problems and frustrations as this is not our area of expertise. We have learned from many this past year that we are easily misled. However, if other franchisees are troubled by computer issues, as a national organization, AccuDiagnostics might be more effective and efficient if franchisees had an IT professional who understands the equipment and programs we use.

Fast Break Tech is AWSOME! In a day they had us up and operational. After a few weeks, they have delivered capabilities and functionality we had not even dreamed possible. Here are some amazing things they have done that other IT professionals cannot seem to deliver:

  • Fast Break Tech knows how to fix stuff because they know the equipment. Others flounder about with “trial and error”.
  • They fix stuff fast, because they know. They doesn’t need to guess.
  • Fast Break Tech understands that when you change one single thing in an IT system, it can create consequences in other areas of the system. Amazingly, they anticipate these effects and correct them so we never even see them. With other IT people, after they made changes and left, we would find other stuff that was screwed up as a result of what they had done to “fix” the original problem.
  • They are accessible by email and cell phone. They respond promptly. I may send them an email in the evening or on a weekend thinking they will respond the next working day. Instead, they usually get back to me in hours, or sometimes even minutes.
  • Fast Break Tech knows Outlook BCM. It now sits on our server as a fully, functional CRM. When any of us makes a note to a client or prospect’s file, it is instantly visible to all of us.
  • They have our Blackberries delivering 10 X more functionality than ever before! Contact info and calendar changes occur automatically, wirelessly, instantly. No more “synching”.
  • Fast Break Tech has created complete off-site functionality. Anyplace there is an internet connection, we can fire up the ‘ol laptop and access everything on the server…Word files…..Drug Pak…Intuit QuickBooks…email…Excel and PPT files….absolutely everything.
  • We now have on-site back-up and will soon add off-site back-up.
  • After some initial on-site time, Fast Break Tech now can fix just about anything remotely.
  • Fast Break Tech has a great support team.
  • Steven and his team speak and understand English.
  • Fast Break Tech is a delight to work with. They are bright, polite, punctual, professional, intuitive, and have a good sense of humor (the latter being essential for working with me).
We actually now have computers that work like a real company, and then some. I can’t begin to tell you how much farther along we would be if we had not wasted so much time, money, and energy getting the computers to work. It just should not be so hard. And with Fast Break Tech, it isn’t. Jeff and Carol Hastings ARC Point Labs, Sacramento CA


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