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Story from our founder

"It’s funny; I get this question asked quite often… ‘How did you decide to start a computer company?’ I was 12 years old, personal computers looked like bulky VCR players with a black built-in screen and a green cursor. Not certain who visited what website, but our family’s computer got its first virus. Trying to be super hero, I attempted to fix it. Booting to a floppy disk, I was given the option to Format C:\. Choosing No, nothing happened.  So I try again, this time choosing Yes, figuring formatting something was a good thing like organizing a document. Minutes later, the computer had been wiped clean. My mother’s documents from work were now gone forever.

Mom opens the phone book, calls Fast Tech (note: not related to our current firm name) to fix our computer. Hours later he got the computer up and running again, but without data. I was amazed he could do that and wanted to learn myself. From age 12 to 18 I self taught spending every hour I could breaking/fixing/building. At El Camino High School I enrolled in the Eagle Polytechnic Institute – every class I took… Math, Science, Drafting, English… was all done via computer.

Feeling like an entrepreneur, I started a vending machine business in high school, Fast Break Snacks. Using monies earned from my year at McDonalds, I bought three vending machines and placed them in senior centers and local service centers. The front of the machines came with the label “Fast Break”. This was the birth of our name.

After a year of children stealing candy from my machines and constantly refunding 50 cents, I gave the vending machines away. In 1999, Sevant.com opened their doors providing residential on-site computer support in the Fair Oaks/Sacramento area. I was one of the first and last employees of the firm. A year later the company folded, paid back its investors, and I licensed to operate as Fast Break TECH. From 2000 to 2005 I worked solo, incorporated in 2005, hiring my first employee. From then on we’ve been expanding leaps and bounds, 2000+ clients and growing. We thank you all for your loyal support and look forward to being your IT consultants for life.”

- Steven Walker


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