From time to time I have computer ‘glitches’ I call them. Error messages, lack of function (that was there yesterday), confusing messages, too many pop ups, frozen screens, programs that used to work but are not working the same way or at all. It is so frustrating, and there is never a good time to have computer problems but when I do, I call Fast Break Tech. They are very friendly, professional, nice and patient. Since I give them remote access, they log right into my computer and find the problem. They usually fix it without having to come out, schedule an appointment, interrupt me later or make me wait for support. They are so knowledgeable and did I mention patient? We have become so dependent on technology to function in business and our personal lives it can cause a lot of frustration and anxiety to be without it. A few months back my hard drive crashed on my laptop (it got to hot, my fault) but no worries. Shaun at FBT ordered me a new hard drive had it shipped to them, gave me a loaner, backed up everything he could from my laptop and installed the new hard drive, reloaded all my stuff and it was ready when I returned from my trip. Just like new. Very easy, stress less and with full confidence, all would be good as new. I highly recommend them and trust them with my computer maintenance and so should you!


Linda E. Bigler - Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Trainer The Money Magnet, Sacramento CA


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